Event centre with Directors from M&C Engineering

M&C Engineering invests in new site with sustainable development

M&C Engineering acquired Waldringfield Golf and Leisure Club and the adjoining ex-demolition yard, in April 2021.

Recent planning approval has seen the start of the development of two additional light industrial units built in the yard, alongside the improvements on the five existing structures that are being refurbed and restored with all the latest environmental technology, with sustainability being at the forefront of all their growth.

The acquisition of the sale included 100 acres of golf course, including the Clubhouse and ex-demolition site. With 80 acres of the golf course being restored to its natural habitat of gorse land, the business has invested heavily over the last year in depolluting the old demolition yard in preparation for the new development.  Alongside preparing the land to be eco-friendly, the company has as long-term sustainability strategy that has seen an investment in 30kw three phase solar panels on the existing Club House, with further solar panels to be erected on the other industrial units as they get restored, alongside solar lighting installation in all areas of internal and external structures.

Rainwater is also harvested and used to run equipment such as pressure washers for cleaning engineering parts, and the workshops are heated using biomass from wood waste on site. There will be installation of electric vehicle charge points and the firm also uses local recycling centre, for its other waste which 95% is recycled into new products.

Director and owner, James Couch says: “As our business has got bigger, we started to feel the squeeze at our old unit and it was starting to hinder our growth, so when this opportunity came up, to acquire the site, it was a no brainer for us. The investment that we have and are undertaking, helps to protect the future of our business and creates more opportunities for local employment, which can only be a good thing.  It gives us control over something we can’t ignore – our sustainable imprint and future proofing the business for the uncertain times ahead! So to allow us to be as self-sufficient where possible, now the site has been depolluted and the planning application has been approved, it enables us to look to the future for running sustainably and not relying on energy prices to come down. So we have invested in solar lighting, solar panels, rain water harvesting, electric vehicles and charge points, and log heating. We have made it integral in all the development we will do.”

Richard Shipp, Joint Director and Owner says: “this was the perfect opportunity to spread our wings and having seen a record year of growth, it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are a local business yet service contracts all over the UK, namely for the utilities, ports and recycling sectors. So space for storage and larger workshops for our engineering team to execute some of our larger projects, simultaneously, is the key to us being able to grow. We have been following the economic uncertainty, particularly with energy prices and decided to create security and sustainability, so that investment in energy production ourselves is essential for stability in these uncertain times. There are some exciting times ahead for us and we look forward to having the ability to take on new projects in our new space”

The clubhouse is available for business leasing and further development will be invested in restoring it downstairs to a functioning wedding and corporate venue again.