Dissolving Floor Calls For An M&C Solution

Water recycling centres are never out of action, so when a leading regional water company came to M&C Engineering with a need for a new floor, we knew we were in for a complex operation.

While hydrogen sulphide had literally dissolved the sub-frame, the original floor structure had been designed specifically for the centre, and needed to be retained. First taking it up to clean and make good, we then took the opportunity to raise it slightly, taking it further out of future harm’s way.

We then designed and built a new floor using glass reinforced polymer (GRP) which was installed while also repositioning the hand rails to fit the raised platforms. Selected for its non-corrosive properties, GRP is also beneficial for sites such as Clacton Water Recycling Centre as it requires no painting and can also incorporate abrasive elements to reduce slipping.

As always, turnaround was also important, so planning and making sure all elements were in place and ready to be installed was key. Our team of three, plus crane support took just five days, from removal of the first pieces of damaged flooring until completion.